The growth of the Australian showrunner

The Matchbox / ABC Production Stateless is one of the latest examples of a number of Australian productions using the showrunner model. In this Screen Australia article, Elise McCredie describes the writing and production process.

“Belinda Chayko is a fabulous story producer,” McCredie says. “She’s also really forensic about character and trajectory of character. So Tony, Belinda and I over those years in rooms together would do massive diagrams on whiteboards that followed character lines.

“There were times we would just be tearing our hair out about a particular character, or how we were intertwining and weaving the four [stories], what was working and not working. But we would always slog through on those days and get to somewhere that we thought was dramatically interesting. [We] worked incredibly well together and our skills complemented each other.”

Read the full article at the Screen Australia blog.

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