File under ‘everything else…’

In our digital travels, we stumble upon things that were not our initial focus, but that warrant a little attention. When I am researching, it is important to try to follow the markers, to not stray too far from the path; yet there are tantalising nuggets of information, ideas that want to be revisited.

The web is also awash with quotations from so many sources. Writers and writing, and the sites dedicated to these topics, spawn thousands of quotes to inspire and motivate. Sometimes a few words speak to us more intimately, or spark an idea to be revisited.

An image, a video, a few words. For me Tumblr provides me with a live, growing commonplace book. Pinterest too allows for creating a visual snapshot of the things that piqued my interest, usually while looking for something else.

Meaning Business on Tumblr.

Me on Pinterest.

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